4 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Dress


With all the different styles available, picking the perfect dress to say “Yes” to can seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry. To help you get started here are four things to keep in mind when finding your perfect dress!

1)  First thing is first. Choosing the right size or sizes. One of the biggest mysteries of the wedding industry is why wedding dresses are sized smaller than normal clothes. Of course there are some exceptions. BHLDN and David’s Bridal gowns they run pretty close to street size, but the best way to find your wedding dress size is to add 2 or 3 sizes to your normal pant size. For example, if you typically wear a size 10, you would be looking at size 12 and 14 in wedding dresses. This is especially true for wedding consignment stores where some gowns may have already been altered.

2)  Keep your venue in mind. Do you see your wedding as one that is vintage inspired and has a romantic feeling? Is it a destination wedding? Or will it be more of a contemporary ceremony? These are important, as they will help guide you to a dress that has just the right kind of details.

3)  When first trying on dresses, keep an open mind. You may be surprised on what you like once you have a gown on. Your bridal boutique consultant will help guide you through finding what neckline, waistline and silhouette you like best. You want to feel comfortable, special and have your dress highlight what you like best about yourself – Go and show-off your fabulous waistline!

Here’s a helpful hint: Take pictures of the gowns you like. Sometimes it is easier to step away from the moment and see what a dress looks like in a photo versus when you are wearing it in front of a mirror.

With this knowledge you can now pick gowns to try on that have the greatest chance of being “The One”.

4)  Once you have picked out some dresses you are really like, now it comes down to choosing the one you love. It all comes down to you and how you feel. You should feel beautiful and special when wearing your wedding dress. When you feel great in your dress, you will glow in photos on your wedding day. And remember, you are the bride and the wedding dress you choose will be the perfect one for you!

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